Partitur Music was created to develop effective music for professional and advanced amateur orchestras that reflects a high standard of conceptual thinking, respect for musicians, and promotes the artistic awakening and nurturing of its listeners.

Most of our music comes from film scores and commissions given to composers for the creation of music for special events, traditional and unusual soloists with orchestra, and holidays. As you look at the contents/details of our title catalog you will see that our music was written for all kinds of groups and events, from the Chicago Symphony to the Ashland Avenue Baptist Church in Toledo, Christmas, the 4th of July, or for a lone bagpipe and orchestra at a memorial service and much more.

You hear our music all the time but probably don't realize it. It can be heard in films, on TV, radio, and at sporting events in the United States, but also in Opera houses in Europe and Asia. You hear the originals and even arrangements of our arrangements in elevators, eateries, at concerts from Carnegie Hall to the Grand Ole Opry. Children hear it when they go to visit your local symphony orchestra or when a few members of the orchestra visit their school. In churches, you hear our music in your handbell choir and on your churches' organ and piano, as well as sung by the superstars of Opera and pop music.

FREDERICK MORDEN, owner and writer, is a conductor, composer, arranger, and educator. His compositions are performed by ensembles drawn to his effective use of compositional techniques and accessible tonality. His arrangements reflect his compositional skills in settings of familiar music. He created Partitur Music in 1995 to offer serious arrangements of familiar music. No more "Footballs" for strings, his respect for players is evident in the musical parts they are offered both as individual players and their interplay with the orchestra as a whole.

BRUCE BROUGHTON's film music catalog is legendary. His understanding of American musical sound has led to the creation of music for such films as Tombstone, Silverado, O' Pioneers, and The Ballad of Lucy Whipple. Kids know his music in films like Harry and the Henderson, The Boy Who Could Fly, Homeward Bound, Honey, I Blew Up the Kids, and the television themes for Tiny Toon Adventures and Jag. For his connection with children through music, Bruce accepted a commission from the Chicago, National, and Seattle Symphonies to create The Magic Horn, now a regular of concert repertoire.

LINDA MCKECHNIE, a Steinway recording artist, has been privileged to collaborate with her brother, Don Marsh, orchestrator and producer, in recording albums which continue to be the top best-selling instrumental albums in Christian music: Hymnworks I and II, Symphony of Praise I and II, Hymnworks Christmas, A World of Praise, Rhapsody of Love, Rhapsody of Christmas. Moments with the Savior, recorded with the London Festival Orchestra, received a 2000 Dove nomination.

As an arranger and resource for handbell music, Linda's charts have been played by small church orchestras and all manner of ensemble sizes all the way up to the Boston Pops. Her style of combining traditional music with classical melodies is engaging for both audience and orchestra.