NUN WANDRE MARIA  for voice and orchestra

Adapted from the Art Song by Hugo Wolf

Adapted by Fred Morden

Duration: 2’45”

Orchestration:  2-2-2-2/4-3-3-1/tmp-solo voice/Strings

This arrangement captures the weary journey of Joseph are Mary to Bethlehem.  Like most of Wolf’s Art Songs, the music is vivid in its depiction of physical actions taking place in the song.  The plodding of the donkey, the discomfort of a pregnant passenger are alive in the text sung by a concerned husband and are clearly evident  in the accompaniment.

Both German and English Texts are available.  The English translation reads:

Now journey on, Mary, journey on.

Already the cocks are crowing and the goal is near.

Journey on, my beloved, my treasure,

And soon we shall be in Bethlehem.

You will rest well and sleep there.

I see clearly, my Mistress, that your strength is failing.

Oh, I can hardly bear your suffering.

Have courage!  We will surely find shelter there.

If only your hour were past, Mary,

I would give a reward for the good news.

I would give our donkey here for it!

Already the cocks are crowing, come!

The goal is near. 

Available in the keys of E and D.   

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